Day 30: Taking it one step at a time

With every passing day, I celebrate the challenges we have overcome being a new family and raising a newborn. The first time I took Charlie in public without my husband… The first road trip to visit my parents an hour and a half away… The first time I nursed him in public… Even the first time changing his diaper in public.

Earlier this week I decided we could go to brunch today. As soon as I mentioned it to my husband and we committed going with another couple I instantly became a bit anxious. What was I thinking- that I could do brunch with a newborn? But hey! I have to give it a try and problem solve through the challenges.

I nursed Charlie right before we left, and I brought a bottle of breast milk in case he got hungry. I also brought the moby (amazing invention that I wrap around my chest to cradle him while keeping my hands free to do other things). At brunch I nestled Charlie to my chest inside the moby. It’s his favorite position, to be cuddled up on my chest. He snoozed the entire brunch. I gobbled up my coconut crusted french toast. Each bite passing over his head- and I didn’t even drizzle any of my tasty treat on my sweet boy. As soon as we tucked him back in his car seat for the ride home, he was instantly unsettled. It breaks my heart to hear him cry. I calmed him before giving him a quick bottle. He fell back asleep and we cruised home.

Another celebration for this new mom!

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