Day 19: Mommy’s first outing

It’s Wednesday, March 13th.

Today is my husband’s first day back at work since our sweet baby, Charlie, was born. Goodness, the two weeks went by so quickly. I know he’s ready to get back at work, but I loved our two weeks together and just want them to continue that way.

Regardless, today is a big day! I am taking Charlie to my first mommy group called Cradle Talk. My OB, pediatrician, and the hospital all recommended it. I am so excited to go. I know I will eventually befriend other new moms in the group. It will be a safe place to ask questions, connect, learn , and grow as I navigate this new mommy world.

I packed and checked the diaper bag the night before. I laid out what Charlie would wear and what I would wear, trying to make the first day by myself a smooth one.

My little man and I are making great timing to arrive at Cradle Talk on time. The last thing I do is change him into his outfit for the day. I pick him up to buckle him into his car seat and his back feels slightly warm… and damp. Darn it! I am still working to remember to check his penis is down when I put on a fresh diaper or the pees goes straight up and then trails down his back. Whoops! So much for being on time. At least I won’t be too terribly late. “Oh dang it, Charlie. Mommy’s sorry! Let’s get a new outfit.” He seems to careless. I’ll take it as he accepts my apology. I change him again, and buckle him up. I have already asked myself if I should just cancel and try again next week. Screw it! I can’t be the only one late. I am a new mom. My baby is 15 days old. We are going. I am not perfect, and I need to be okay with that.

I walk into Cradle Talk 5 minutes late. I am pumped! I am so excited to be there with my little love bug. I am excited to think about what this place will bring me overtime. The group starts by everyone introducing themselves, their babies, and stating what town we live in. I listen closely to spot mommies that might live close to us.

And what’s even better?!? The theme of Cradle Talk this week is Baby Yoga! The theme couldn’t be more fitting. I love yoga and to get to share my passion with Charlie so early in his life warms my heart. All the moms sit on the floor with our babies. We follow the yoga teacher as we sing and chant our way through the session.

What a successful first outing with my baby.

It’s been a week, so tomorrow we have another Cradle Talk to attend. This week’s topic- college planning. Oh boy!



Day 18: Charlie’s 1st play date

Today Charlie had his first play date. He’s 20 days old. It was oh so exciting!

One of my girlfriends from college, Sam, had a baby 8 weeks ago. Today she came over with her little man, Quinn. We sipped on decaf coffee, munched on banana bread, and oohhh’d and aahhh’d over our sweet babies.

My baby mostly just sleeps still. Quinn, being only 5 weeks older, was much more alert and active. Goodness, they really do grow up fast!

Sam and I compared labor experiences and the highs and lows we are currently facing. Having a girlfriend to connect with while going through similar experiences is so comforting. I also love seeing my group of college friends transition through different phases in life. Gradually each of us have gotten married, and now many are ready to grow their families.

Charlie’s 1st play date with Quinn was quite chill today. It was absolutely perfect. image1 (1) - Edited

Charlie (left- 3 weeks old) Quinn (right- 8 weeks old)

Day 17: There are No Words

My Sweet Boy,

How can I put my love for you into words? There are no words. There are no words for your beautiful spirit. No words for your cooing sounds. No words for your petite, perfect fingers and toes. No words for the silky, full, dark hair on your head.  No words for those chunky cheeks. No words to describe your heart beat next to mine. No words to explain how much I love you, but I will spend my lifetime showing you my love.

All my love,



Day 16: That’s a wrap, cars part 6 Finale

Feb 24-26, 2019.

Although my grandparents didn’t bring up their spare vehicle last weekend, Charlie and I see them again the following weekend for another baby shower with my side of the family. I call up my grandpa to ask him if he can bring the little S-10 with him to the shower. Regardless if Charlie’s Ford gets fixed or not, we both agree to borrow the truck just in case.

I drive the truck home on Sunday night, February 24th. FREEDOM! We haven’t had a second working vehicle in over a month. With Charlie dropping me off and picking me up from work, I have missed the independence that comes with having a car of my own. There are no bells and whistles. The S-10 has manual roll down windows and I accidentally busted the rear view mirror off the first time I went to adjust it…. and it’s absolutely perfect!

Monday morning I take my sweet time getting ready for work in the morning. Today I don’t have to be dropped off at 6:15am. Heck ya! I do some extra dishes. Put away a few extra clothes, and enjoy my morning cup of coffee.  Finally, at 7:30 I walk out of the apartment to head to work…. The truck won’t start! It’s a super chilly morning. Come on baby truck, I know you can do it! Yes, I am talking to the truck. I try to start up the truck again and again. I don’t even know any of my neighbors. My single car battery jumper is in my Juke. Perfect…. Why does the reliable car have the battery jumper in it? Note to self- put battery jumper in little S-10 truck. I try again. This time dialing up a friend from work. Luckily I live minutes from school if I need someone to come get me. As soon as she answers the truck purrs to life. YES!

Tuesday morning. Feb 26th. Again I take my sweet time getting ready for work. I know it’s warmer than yesterday, so I am not expecting any trouble from the truck this am. I take my sweet time getting ready again: doing extra dishes, putting away more clothes, prepping things for Baby Graves’ arrival, and putting away gifts we received from the shower over the weekend… Stuff like that. By 7:30 something feels different- and if you read my 1st post on labor, you know where this is going… I call up Charlie and our doctor because it’s possible my water broke. Baby Graves’ isn’t due for another 3 weeks and two days! I stop by work, only to tell them I need to go get checked at the hospital.

Timing is truly a funny thing! Isn’t it?! I’ve had a car to myself for less that two fulls days and I go into labor. I am thankful for my grandparents’ generosity and support. I am thankful I wasn’t at work at 6:15 Tuesday morning without a vehicle. And now I am super thankful for our sweet baby boy.


Car update: While we were in the hospital a few days, Charlie got a call that his Ford was fixed. We both hope the car makes it to summer time. Charlie has been driving it, so it seems to be in better shape, but we still have my grandparents S-10 here just in case. Here’s to hoping I have no more car stories to tell throughout the rest of March!

Day 15: Roller Coaster, Cars part 5

Mid Feb, 2019.

It’s the day of our baby shower. And apparently the silver car is fixed! Charlie and I ride together to pick up the car on the way to the shower. Both of our cars are covered in slush, salt, and dirt. So, we decide to get a quick car wash on the way.

My twin sister, Brooke, and I are a few cars ahead of Charlie in the wash. I am about to go in. “Oh goodness, Brooke, I hope his car doesn’t die while he is in the car wash.” I chuckle.

I can still see him a few cars back. I stare at him. His car seems to stop. Start moving, Charlie. You are are holding up traffic. Please, dear Lord, I hope you’re car didn’t just die. Pay attention and scoot up.  “Did his car just stop?” I ask Brooke, maybe overreacting just a tad. Charlie starts to move forward. “Oh, thank goodness!”

Brooke and I move through the wash and navigate our way to the shower. I am super excited to see everyone and to celebrate Baby Graves. I’ve been at the party for about 10 minutes. Where is Charlie? I wonder to myself. Truly thinking he is just slow moving and that the car is fine… I check my phone. 1 missed call. Charlie. Yup, it’s definitely the car. I call him instantly.

“Babe, I am so sorry I missed your call! Are you okay?”

“Yea. The car died. Bill is on his way to jump it.”

“Oh man, babe. Okay, glad you are okay. My bad, sorry I missed your call. See you soon.”

Today my grandparents would have brought up a car with them, but we thought the silver car was fixed. Unfortunately it’s not. The car troubles continue…

Although I can’t seem to find the silver lining in this situation, I know beyond this silly car that life is good! We have one operating and reliable vehicle. We stay positive together and work together selflessly to make it work. 


Day 14: Scratch that, cars part 4

Early Feb, 2019

Well- part 4 of my lovely car situation. I am 4 weeks in to Charlie and I operating off of one vehicle. Charlie had to take our one car to Champaign for a few days for the High School State Wrestling Tournament. His team’s 195 weight class wrestler made it down state! Good for them. The four weeks has really started to drain me, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because my grandparents are bringing up one of their extra vehicles for us to borrow for the next few months.

So, Charlie is down in Champaign for day one of the tournament. I will see him on Saturday when he leaves early to make it back for your baby shower….

Text thread:

Charlie: Babe you read for this…

Me: What bae?!?

Charlie: News on the car smh. This dude just called me and was like, “u now that scanner thing that I was gonna run and all that it was gonna cost $500-300.” I was like ya…. He said “Well I got my guy to bring his down and he charged me $175 and the car is up and running now”

Me: Hahahahaha! What?!?! R u serious?

End thread.

This silly car has been a roller coaster and just when we thought we were finally going to give up on it, it’s apparently working again. The trickiest thing about car work like this is, when do you decide enough is enough. I am super optimistic this last $175 will keep this car going. However, if not, when do we just let the car go before we’ve put too much in. Hindsight’s 20/20 right? Regardless of the outcome, I really am glad we tried.

I called my gram over my lunch hour and left her a message. “Hey Gram. It turns out the silver car is going to get fixed! We don’t need to borrow a car anymore. Thanks so much for offering. See you on Saturday for the shower! Love you!”

The car adventure continues for another day.

Day 13: We’re taking the car with us, cars part 3

Mid January 2019.

My Grandpa is a car-guy. Loves working on cars…fixing up old cars… all that jazz.

After three weeks of slowly having our car looked at.

Grandma D calls up again. “When we bring the truck up for you to borrow, we want to take Charlie’s car with us. Grandpa thinks he and some of his buddies can fix it.” Their generosity continues.

“Thanks, Gram. You two are so considerate. I’ll mention it to Charlie. Love you!”

“Love you, too, Honey.” The call ends.

At this point, Charlie and I are ready to junk the car, which is why I have to mention this  to Charlie. We have tried enough things (new alternator, fuel pump, and battery) in the last three weeks. When do we stop? And knowing my grandparents, they would fix it at any price and I really don’t want to ask them to do that. Truly, the car isn’t work it.  I didn’t want to tell her that moment, but I knew we wouldn’t have them take our car. Charlie had already contacted a few guys that will junk it for a small amount of cash….

Like I’ve said before, family is everything. I thank the universe for their endless support, love, and generosity.