My twinny

“Watcha doing?” I ask. I’m on the phone with my twin sister and to no surprise, she’s in the kitchen baking some cake balls. I’ve never made a single cake ball and she whips them up like she runs a bakery. She stuffs them with tasty filling: caramel, cream cheese, peanut butter, nuts… she gets creative. And usually coats the outside with something fancy, too. She’s making lemon with cream cheese, my favorite (I’ll have to freeze a few and wait until Whole 30 is over to enjoy).

For thirty minutes we just caught up. She’s been busy planning her wedding and decorating her new house. Her wedding was a week ago, and she’s nicely settled into her new home. Nothing makes me happier than knowing she is happy. She deserves it. As we chat, I can hear it in her voice, her happiness. All is going-well! She relocated from Chicago in January when she and her husband purchased their home, and Brooke finally landed a new job the week before her wedding. Everything is falling into place for her. Tonight her happiness is all I need.

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