Day 30: Rubber bands and duct tape

Anyone else have a dad out there that loves to fix everything with rubber bands and/or duct tape? Two solid inventions that can bring anything broken back to life! Well, almost.

Over summer, the handle of our kitchen faucet had a small leak. My husband grabbed an allen wrench, unscrewed the handle, cleaned off the inside of the handle, and screwed it back up nice and tight. Fixed!

Recently, the sprayer hose to the faucet started to come leak, as well. One day it was kind of leaking out of the hose. Then all of a sudden, no water was coming out of the head of the faucet but instead just spraying everywhere from the hose. Like the rest of our townhouse, this faucet is less than two years old!! We decided to replace a part versus replacing the whole faucet. Plenty of good life left in! (Or at least so we thought.)

While we replaced the hose, I unscrewed the head to let it soak in vinegar- just trying to remove some of the hard water residue. When we went to screw it back onto the new hose a day later, the sprayer wouldn’t work properly. It  wouldn’t click back and forth between stream mode and spray mode. Instead it just did both. All the time. While also making a terribly annoying sound. Naturally, I wrapped a rubber band around the head of it to keep it in stream mode. It worked, for the most part. 

Last week, the handle started leaking again. No prob. Charlie was on top of it… 

He entered the nursery where I was nursing Ollie to sleep.

“It just broke off,” he whispered. I just chuckled. It was time. This silly sink had been a real stinker from the jump. 

“Look on Amazon and pick one out. Make sure it will fit in the hole that’s already there,” I reply. Thank God for Amazon. Really. The last thing we wanted to do was make a run to Home Depot. 

Two days later we had a new sink arrive at our front door. We installed it within about 30 minutes or so, and we were back in business! Rubber bands and duct tape can’t fix everything.

*While we waited for the sink to arrive, Charlie figured out we could turn the sink faucet on and off with a pair of pliers!

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