Day 28: Coming of Age

With special birthdays comes special milestones. 

  • Age 16 drivers license
  • Age 18 vote
  • Age 21 drink

New milestone due to COVID-19

  • Age 2 wear a mask

The week leading up to Charlie’s 2nd birthday, our daycare provider suggested we start having him wear a mask around the house to get used to wearing one. I finally got around to ordering a few. We had him wear it for a little while over the weekend. Then, when Monday morning came around, we were getting ready for daycare. Charlie would be turning two at the end of the week! Meaning, he didn’t need to wear one yet. However, he was ready. “Wear mask?” he asked. To him, all his friends at daycare wore one, I am sure wearing a mask felt like joining the big kid club. It was sad and strange, but also super awesome that we didn’t have to persuade him much!

5 Replies to “Day 28: Coming of Age”

  1. I’m so glad you shared this story; these “pandemic moments” are so important to capture – Slices of truly how different our lives now are. So glad we’re moving through, and so grateful your Charlie is OK with his mask.


  2. Definitely a coming of age experience you could not have predicted while holding him in the hospital 2 years earlier. I have never thought about this until now. That having your child turn 2 might feel a bit dreadful for this reason. I’m glad he’s totally taking it in stride.


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