Day 22: Sleep Training

 I jump up as soon as I hear him cry out. Then, I stand there. I walk towards the nursery. I walk back towards the bed. I walk towards the nursery. I walk back towards the bed.

What time is it? When did I feed him last? Is he hungry or will he just fall back asleep? Does he just need to be snuggled?

It’s hard to make sound decisions in the middle of the night.

“Babe, do you want to go rock him? Maybe he’s not hungry yet.” I mumble to Charlie. This suggestion is unlikely, yet still it’s possible. Charlie slumps off to try to go settle Ollie.

I lay down. In seconds, Ollie is now wailing. Okay, I’m up. I’m up! I scurry off to the nursery and take Ollie off Charlie’s hands.

Sleep training… We’ll work on it.

11 Replies to “Day 22: Sleep Training”

  1. Oh, I feel for ya, mama! He is very little and summer would be a great time to figure that out. Then, maybe you can steal a few naps, if needed! 😉 Good luck to you!


  2. Oh, I so feel for you! Hang in there. It is the worst feeling for us as moms, but all will be better in the long run. I had to use a timer otherwise listening to them cry felt like it was going on forever when it was really only seconds or a few short minutes. Stay strong!


  3. It was really hard but the best thing we ever did for our sanity. And for both of them to actually get a good night’s sleep. Ryan became a ROCK STAR sleeper after we sleep trained. Sarah wasn’t as amazing, but it still really helped.

    Good luck!


      1. Well, back in the day, my husband and I were considered the sleep training experts among our group of friends. But you have to be TOUGH. Are you still on Facebook? I could pm you to talk.


  4. Just when we think we have a hang on it, the 19 month old wakes us up at 3 AM. It’s such an ebb and flow. What I’m really nervous about is when the second one joins us in May – eekk!

    ALSO – the sleep training course “takingcarababies” is worth. every. stinking. penny. We refused for awhile because what could one possibly need to learn about sleep training? But wow. We LEARNED so much. About sleep in general. About teaching him to sleep. About sleep as a strategy, not something innate. It was an excellent course, and we will probably take it again for the second kiddo!

    Good luck!! 🙂

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