Day 20: Why?

Conversation with my 2 year old after we passed a school bus while driving to daycare.

Charlie: School bus!

Me: Here comes another one!

Charlie: More school buses!

Me: Bye, school bus!

Charlie: Where’d it go? 

Me: It had to go pick up more kids for school.


Me: Because kids need to get a ride to school.


Me:Because the need to go to school to learn.

Charlie: Why?

Me: Because school helps kids learn new things.

Charlie: Why?

Me: I don’t know, Babe.

Charlie: Why?

Me: ( I give up) Why?

I love this stage that Charlie is in! So observant and curious. Everything is always “why?” Eventually, I am out of reasons, and I close out over conversation with the same word that kept the conversation going.

11 Replies to “Day 20: Why?”

  1. Haha. The why’s you want them to ask because they’re exploring the world, but also want to stop at some point! Any time I would tell my now 3 year old eventually that I didn’t know, he would tell me, “That’s okay. I’ll ask Papi. He always knows.”

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