Day 17: Toddler Talk

The many (and very common) phrases of my two year old son.

  • I need help, Mama.
  • Tractor ride. (Asking Grandpa to take him for a ride on the mower- of course when blade is off)
  • This one.
  • School buses. More school buses! One more school bus! (On our drive to daycare)
  • Mama’s turn. Charlie’s turn!
  • Mama crying. (I cried a lot when Ollie was first born… hormones, right?!?)
  • I take it.
  • Kinda cute. (Talking about Ollie or his beloved stuffed animals)
  • One more?
  • Mama, do it.
  • What happened?
  • What happening over there?
  • What going on over there? (So nosey and curious)
  • Play Monna song! (Charlie talking to the Alexa to play the Moana soundtrack)
  • Bless you, Ollie.
  • Excuse me. (He is terribly polite!)
  • I want one. (Any time he hears the crinkle of a wrapper, thinking it must be a treat.)
  • More please?
  • Spit up again. Need a new bib. (Referring to Ollie. He spits up. A lot.)
  • Where go? (Loves to hide things under his shirt to mimic Daddy’s magic tricks)
  • Daddy, where are you? (Playing hide and seek with Daddy)
  • Big one! (Building tall towers with his blocks.) 
  • By sheep. See later. I come back. (Saying goodbye to his lovey in the car this morning before drop-off at daycare)

I love actually knowing what he is saying, that he can successfully communicate with me. There are plenty of other little phrases he’s currently saying, and I have no idea what he means. Sometimes I try to play along and guess. Other times, I just say, “Sorry, sugar, I don’t know what you’re saying.”

16 Replies to “Day 17: Toddler Talk”

  1. Great fun to listen to little ones and their growing language. We are caring for our Grandson who is 22 months and he has a very similar language. Not quite as clear as your little one but getting there. Enjoy these little ones!

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  2. I absolutely LOVE this! It makes me miss the time that my daughter had just started to communicate. It is SUCH an exciting time to finally understand what they want and need and watch as their little personalities take shape. Now that she’s 3 1/2, she talks nonstop and those early communicating days are a thing of the past…

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  3. So fun that you wrote all these down. I wish I could remember more of what my kiddos favorite sayings were back then. We remember a few classic mispronunciations, but that’s about it. My daughter’s two best are “Chicken nunnex” and “Gramma Cracker.”


  4. A few years ago I wrote a slice about the things my daughter would say in her own little way.. Like instead of a drink she would ask for “a piece of water”… things like that. Well last year I reread all my former slices and saw it and it was a great memory as there were a few that I had forgotten. I hope you love revisiting this slice some day!


    1. Oh sweet! Yes! That is what I love about participating in the Slice- taking a moment to write down the special moments to reread and remember later. How funny- a piece of water. Watching their language develop as that pair words and phrases together amazes me!


  5. I just love when kiddos start to talk. And it’s so great that you documented it. I was reading some of my slices from last year and what blown away by house much George has progressed with his language in the last year.

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