Day 13: Marriage and Babies

“Babe, we need a date night,” I pleaded to Charlie.

Marriage and babies are hard. It’s even trickier during a pandemic to find a safe someone that is willing to watch your precious babies. We are lucky to live near Charlie’s two oldest sisters. One of which is always willing to watch them when needed. However, we still never want to add exposure to her and/or to our boys. Regardless- we need a date night so here we are.

On Sunday night we make plans for the upcoming week. “Everything is set. Andrea is coming over on Friday night.” Charlie assures me. Date night! It’s only “five sleeps” away!

Tuesday morning rolls around. 3am text from our daycare provider: “Not feeling well. Nauseous and a fever. I’m so sorry but daycare will be closed until I know more.” 

Our daycare provider schedules a COVID test for Wednesday. Rapid results come back Thursday night as negative. Hurray! However, due to how she has been feeling, she doesn’t trust the rapid results and wants to wait for the non-rapid to come in. 

It’s Friday morning. “We can’t have Andrea watch the boys tonight, if we don’t have her results in. It wouldn’t be right if she tests positive and we end up exposing Andrea in the process,” I state. Charlie agrees and we wait it out until mid afternoon. No word yet from our daycare provider… Date night cancelled.

By Friday night, around 5 pm, we finally get work from our daycare provider. Her non-rapid results came back negative. We are so thankful she is safe and our toddler wasn’t exposed. 

TBD date night.

6 Replies to “Day 13: Marriage and Babies”

  1. So many hard decisions are being made. We feel the same way. We limit exposure to our kids and those we trust to care for them. That means there are very few opportunities for us to be without our kids. 😩 Date nights have turned into movies in bed after the kids have fallen asleep.

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  2. I am glad she had a negative test, but isn’t that just Murphy’s law. You know the minute you cancel the babysitter you’ll hear back about the results. Hoping you eventually got that much needed date night in.


  3. This slice is such a good example of the juggling of life through a pandemic. The struggle of babies and marriage. The balance of being COVID cautious and respectful while still finding separation. The countdown to events you rarely plan that are foiled due to symptoms that could be, but probably aren’t COVID.


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