Day 29: Baby Fever

Ever since Charlie was born, my two sisters have caught it. They have a terrible case of baby fever! My sisters and I have all recently gotten married (within the past two years), and all of us have seen the next step as growing our families. Bailey, my oldest sister, has never been in a big rush about anything. Before Charlie when I’d ask her when she would have kids, she wouldn’t give much of a response or be very specific. Now, it’s different. She’s ready. She stays of late chatting with her husband about baby names and visits us all the time. I absolutely love it!

Bailey and I are also ready to buy homes in the near future. She more so than I. Two days ago she text me, “We put an offer in on a house!” I was instantly excited for her. I couldn’t wait for her to find out if her offer was accepted. The night she put in an offer she was up late and I was texting her in the middle of the night as I was feeding Charlie. “I gave you baby fever and now you are giving me serious house fever!” I spent countless hours on Zillow. My husband and I contacted a realtor and lender the following morning. Then we looked at a few houses that evening. The next day (today) we went back to look at one of the houses again…. and we put in an offer! To be continued….

6 Replies to “Day 29: Baby Fever”

    1. Way out in Montgomery. My husband works longer hours with coaching so I want us to be closer to his work so that when he gets off work he can be home soon vs having a commute left at the end of the day


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