Day 28: okay one last car story

If you read about any of my car troubles, you know they went on for a long time! And timing was quite interesting with a baby on the way.

Charlie has been driving his car around for well over a week. It seemed as though the car really was fixed! My mom was up over the weekend with my aunt visiting our newest addition to the family. “Want us to take Grandma and Grandpa’s truck back with us?” I almost reply “Sure!” But instead I glance at Charlie. “Let’s keep it ’til Spring Break” he says. Good call.

And it really was a good call! The Tuesday before Spring Break Charlie calls me around 4pm. His calls our via FaceTime now so he can see his little man. Charlie utters the words that have been all too familiar… “You might need to come get me babe.”

“Dang, really?”

“Yup. But I’m going to try jumping it and maybe see if Uri can drive me out. You don’t need to come all this way with the baby.”

“Alright babe. Keep me posted.”

We have finally gotten rid of the car! While we wait for the Jeep to get fixed this summer, Charlie is driving around the little S10 we are borrowing from my grandparents.

5 Replies to “Day 28: okay one last car story”

  1. Ugh, car troubles. But it sounds like you’ve found ways to not let it get you down… too much. Love this line: “But instead I glance at Charlie. “Let’s keep it ’til Spring Break” he says. Good call.” Sounds like he had a sense that truck was still needed… thanks for this!

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