Day 19: Mommy’s first outing

It’s Wednesday, March 13th.

Today is my husband’s first day back at work since our sweet baby, Charlie, was born. Goodness, the two weeks went by so quickly. I know he’s ready to get back at work, but I loved our two weeks together and just want them to continue that way.

Regardless, today is a big day! I am taking Charlie to my first mommy group called Cradle Talk. My OB, pediatrician, and the hospital all recommended it. I am so excited to go. I know I will eventually befriend other new moms in the group. It will be a safe place to ask questions, connect, learn , and grow as I navigate this new mommy world.

I packed and checked the diaper bag the night before. I laid out what Charlie would wear and what I would wear, trying to make the first day by myself a smooth one.

My little man and I are making great timing to arrive at Cradle Talk on time. The last thing I do is change him into his outfit for the day. I pick him up to buckle him into his car seat and his back feels slightly warm… and damp. Darn it! I am still working to remember to check his penis is down when I put on a fresh diaper or the pees goes straight up and then trails down his back. Whoops! So much for being on time. At least I won’t be too terribly late. “Oh dang it, Charlie. Mommy’s sorry! Let’s get a new outfit.” He seems to careless. I’ll take it as he accepts my apology. I change him again, and buckle him up. I have already asked myself if I should just cancel and try again next week. Screw it! I can’t be the only one late. I am a new mom. My baby is 15 days old. We are going. I am not perfect, and I need to be okay with that.

I walk into Cradle Talk 5 minutes late. I am pumped! I am so excited to be there with my little love bug. I am excited to think about what this place will bring me overtime. The group starts by everyone introducing themselves, their babies, and stating what town we live in. I listen closely to spot mommies that might live close to us.

And what’s even better?!? The theme of Cradle Talk this week is Baby Yoga! The theme couldn’t be more fitting. I love yoga and to get to share my passion with Charlie so early in his life warms my heart. All the moms sit on the floor with our babies. We follow the yoga teacher as we sing and chant our way through the session.

What a successful first outing with my baby.

It’s been a week, so tomorrow we have another Cradle Talk to attend. This week’s topic- college planning. Oh boy!


3 Replies to “Day 19: Mommy’s first outing”

  1. Ah, yes, the days of being all ready to go and then a diaper goes array. Although, you’ll find it’s more so going to be poop up to his shoulders than pee. And I used to try to point his penis down and I feel like it didn’t make a difference!

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  2. Finding the right diaper was so difficult with a little boy when my first son was a baby. I’m so glad you put aside that you were running late and went to your group! Glad you had fun!!

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