Day 18: Charlie’s 1st play date

Today Charlie had his first play date. He’s 20 days old. It was oh so exciting!

One of my girlfriends from college, Sam, had a baby 8 weeks ago. Today she came over with her little man, Quinn. We sipped on decaf coffee, munched on banana bread, and oohhh’d and aahhh’d over our sweet babies.

My baby mostly just sleeps still. Quinn, being only 5 weeks older, was much more alert and active. Goodness, they really do grow up fast!

Sam and I compared labor experiences and the highs and lows we are currently facing. Having a girlfriend to connect with while going through similar experiences is so comforting. I also love seeing my group of college friends transition through different phases in life. Gradually each of us have gotten married, and now many are ready to grow their families.

Charlie’s 1st play date with Quinn was quite chill today. It was absolutely perfect. image1 (1) - Edited

Charlie (left- 3 weeks old) Quinn (right- 8 weeks old)

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