That was a close one

Today my district participated an unconference. Three districts came together to discuss challenges in our classrooms and ways to combat them. I enjoyed last year’s unconference and was looking forward to this one, too. Session 1 was about to begin. I had started to plug in my chrome charger (luckily not plugged into my chrome, yet) when sparks flew and I heard a ZAP!

The plate that surrounds the two plug-ins and covers the hole in the wall wasn’t screwed into the wall. As I started to plug in my chrome, this metal plate wiggled loose. The plate fell directly onto the metal prongs of my charger, caused a shock, and the metal plate fell to the floor, and had looped through my cord.

The outlet was smeared with a smokey residue (I should have taken a picture of it). I took a look at the end of my cord… One of the prongs had a cut with black soot around it.

Shortly after an administrator grabbed a custodian who replaced the entire outlet. It was a bizarre way to start the day. In all, I am blessed I didn’t get shocked and/or start a fire today🔥🔌. That was a close one!

7 Replies to “That was a close one”

  1. Yowsa. My first question is, should I expect an email soon? Second is, was this at work, or another building? Also, lastly, and most importantly, glad you weren’t zapped. We should probably think about that charger though…

    Oh, and hope the unconference went well.

    As far as the writing, I can actually feel the “glass is half empty” outlook in your piece, which tucks neatly into your ‘silver linings’ intro. Nicely done.

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    1. I am definitely glad it happened to me, and not a student!

      At an unconference instead of typical PD where one speaker does most of the talking, teachers suggested topics for discussion. To come together and problem solve. To here how other school are tackling similar issues: differentiation, SEL, scheduling, cooperative learning, and so many other topics! Really cool!

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